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The last few decades have witnessed the development of a host of ideas aimed at understanding and predicting nature's ever present complexity. This page includes three papers that explain how such a work provides, through its detailed study of order and disorder, a suitable framework for visualizing the dynamics and consequences of mankind's ever present divisive traits. The specifics of each paper, published in successive issues of the Journal E:CO, Emergence: Complexity and Organization in 2006, are:

Lessons from complexity: The hypotenuse the pathway of peace explains how recent universal results pertaining to multiplicative cascades and fully developed turbulence entice all of us, in a logical way, to seek peace in a condition typified by the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle.

More lessons from complexity: The origin the root of peace explains how recent universal results pertaining to the transition from order to chaos via a cascade of bifurcations point us to a serene state, symbolized by the convergence to the origin in the root of a Feigenbaum's tree, in which we all may achieve our inherently desired condition of justice and peace.

Yet more lessons from complexity: Unity the key of peace explains how recent universal results pertaining to power-laws, self-organized criticality and space-filling transformations provide additional and pertinent reminders that point us to unity as an essential element for us to achieve peace.

For additional information regarding this work visit the pages for the books The Hypotenuse and The Fig Tree and the Bell and the related class Chaos, Complexity and Christianity.

The file From Complexity to Peace includes the transparencies of a recent talk based on the ideas herein. To listen to such a talk, open the media files below.

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For yet additional information regarding the lessons, consider the three papers On the nature of equilibrium, Faith lessons from chaotic fig trees, and On the unitive art of the Holy Trinity, published and submitted to the science and religion journal Omega, and the two posters The simple geometry of peace and Urgent spiritual lessons from scientific chaotic fig trees recently presented at the 2008 NFLC conference.

Recent talks as delivered in Rome in May 2013 are found here.

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