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In addition to my regular courses in hydrology listed below, I also teach a class Chaos, Complexity and Christianity both as a UC Davis Freshmen Seminar and as a regular class at the UC Davis Experimental College.

A brief description of my regular courses is as follows.

HYD 141. Physical Hydrology (4)

Lecture—3 hours; discussion—1 hour. Prerequisite: Physics 9B, Mathematics 21B; course 100 recommended. Introduction to the processes that constitute the hydrologic cycle. Special emphasis on a quantitative description of the following processes: precipitation, infiltration, evaporation, transpiration, surface runoff, and groundwater runoff.—I.

HYD 142. Systems Hydrology (4)
Lecture—3 hours; discussion—1 hour. Prerequisite: course 141 or Civil and Environmental Engineering 142. General course considering hydrologic processes from a systems or statistical model perspective. General probability concepts are applied to frequency, time series and spatial data analysis. Linear systems are also considered in conjunction with Kalman filter techniques.—II.

HYD 264. Modeling of Hydrologic Processes (3)
Lecture—3 hours. Prerequisite: course 141 or the equivalent and Statistics 102 or the equivalent. Techniques used to model the spatio-temporal structure of rainfall and runoff are introduced. Procedures studied include those based on stochastic point processes, chaos theory, fractal geometry, and fractional noises. Offered in alternate years. —III.

HYD 273. Introduction to Geostatistics (3)
Lecture—3 hours. Prerequisite: Statistics 130A and 130B, or the equivalent. Statistical treatment of spatial data with emphasis on hydrologic problems. Topics include theory of random functions, variogram analysis, Kriging, co-Kriging, indicator geostatistics, and stochastic simulation of spatial variability. Demonstration and use of interactive geostatistical software included. Offered in alternate years.—I.

HYD 275. Analysis of Spatial Processes (3)
Lecture—3 hours. Prerequisite: Statistics 102 or the equivalent; course 273 or Statistics 273A recommended. Characterization of homogeneous random fields; extremes and spectral parameters; geometry of excursions, local averaging; scale of fluctuation; non-Gaussian and irregular random fields; geostatistical applications. Offered in alternate years. —III.