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The antidoteOnly he is the one!


To the bell at infinity...

Only by His sacrifice...

He is the good shepherd...



From x into y
as unnatural flow,
mapping immensity
leaving dust below.

From x into y
inspiring all awe,
o plus of liberty
forever aglow.

From x into y
only a tiny piece,
wired to totality
o normal release.

From x into y
o infinite fleece,
by packing vitality
no thorns but peace.

From science to mercy


From x into y
singular the dough,
symphony of unity
breeding single row.

From x into y
by breaking a spell,
amazing simplicity
o refuge from hell.

From x into y
from holy plateau,
perennial immunity
o spirit on the go.

From x into y
triune is the cell,
omnipotent divinity
o sacred God’s bell.

(March 2011)