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The amazing bellNothing like it!


To my peers, to end all walls.

Click the bell to listen



By the mystery of science
graciously shines a state,
an all-embracing alliance
adding liberty a shape.

One day, as if by chance,
Boldly there was such gem,
as the shadow off a wire
that fills completely space.

As the ideas hint above
enduring a lasting zest,
here is probable code
in the ever precious bell.

The bell peals silent, o o
reflecting its peace,
and inside it gathers
lovely masterpiece.

Symmetric pure beauty, o o
o mighty delight,
this limit in fullness
stores life’s designs.

Such vessel contains, o o
alephs of all tastes,
diatoms and crystals
including DNA.

But there is a case, o o
reason to this song:
the forward selection
that raises it all.

O search for the truth…

Shanti Setú…

There is clear choice
that rotates the 8.

By loving sincerely
we surely converge.

Notice this is cogent:
the bell’s central theme.

Peace talks
The bell's central plea


By living in freedom
one fulfills the dream.

There is transformation
that kindles the heart.

By loving in plenitude
we become smart.

For love mends the spiky
and takes to the clouds.

By living the present
one joins blessed crowd.

O see, this is truthful:
the plus all the way.

By loving the enemy
we learn how to play.

Dimensional growth,
o essence of life.

By living in harmony
one nails normal plan.

O notice the symbols,
oh irrational might.

By loving simplicity
we experience the light.

O listen, you colleague,
let's go out the cave.

By living in unity
we shall all prevail.

O notice, my friend,
the plea from a bell.

By loving and loving
joy will have no end...

(September 2000/October 2003)